Veterinary Care

Summit Ridge Farms is committed to providing the animals whose care we are entrusted with a quality of life and health care that meets or exceeds recommended animal welfare guidelines. Summit Ridge Farms considers the use of our animals to further enhance and improve the life of companion animals a privilege, not a right. With this in mind, it is our goal to ensure that our animals receive the highest quality of care that we can provide. Routine veterinary procedures not only improve the health of our animals, but are also a perfect opportunity to provide additional one-on-one, hands-on attention. Dogs and cats have routine ear cleanings and nail trimming on a regular basis. Grooming of dogs and cats is encouraged and performed as much as possible. All procedures and animal interaction is overseen by our veterinary staff.


Primary Health Care

Dogs and cats have routine ear cleanings and nail trimming on a regular basis. Observations and rounds are performed twice daily by qualified veterinary technicians in accordance with defined standard operating procedures. If a problem with an animal is discovered by an employee at anytime, the veterinary staff is immediately informed and corrective action is taken. All animals are vaccinated and dewormed as per procedures established by our staff veterinarian. Extensive veterinary technician training ensures the quality of daily care and enhances the veterinarian/animal interaction.


Dental Care

Teeth are assessed and dental care is performed on a routine basis for all animals. An oral health care database allows us to continuously update individual dental scoring in order to keep track of historical differences as well as prioritize oral health care throughout our colony. Dogs and cats are given dental chews on a rotational basis. The efficacy of our dental program has been proven to reduce the required number of dental cleanings and thus has improved the overall health of our colony.


Veterinary Data Assessment

Information pertaining to all routine veterinary procedures is collected in a custom database developed by Summit Ridge Farms. Any and all procedures are documented and tabulated for scheduling and reporting of information pertaining to each individual animal. Specific trends, such as dental health, can be monitored over time in order to provide the highest quality of veterinary care.