Metabolizable Energy

Summit Ridge Farms has performed hundreds of comparisons between different types of methodology for determining Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy. Years of experience has taught us the most accurate collection methodology and sample analysis. Food consumption, body weight maintenance and stool quality, collection and handling, are critical to the calculation of accurate digestibility results. Accurate results can only be achieved through meticulous, hands-on monitoring of all parameters.




Summit Ridge Farms works together with many laboratories in order to provide accurate sample handling, data analysis, and reporting. Diet and fecal preparation are critical to the integrity of the data. The analysis includes:


Moisture Fat Ash Calcium
Protein Fiber Phosphorus Calories


Calculations include:

Total Dry Matter Protein Metabolizable energy
Fat Calories  



Stool Quality


Because stool volume and quality are critical components to pet owners, Summit Ridge Farms has developed stool quality protocols that give our clients a clear picture of stool output and consistency. Technicians are trained using a computer tutorial that includes test scoring and grading. Only technicians that have successfully completed this evaluation are qualified to score stool quality observations.


Sample graph of total fecal consistency observations:

Fecal Matter