AAFCO Nutritional Adequacy Testing

"Testing the food through a series of feeding trials is the most thorough and reliable evaluation method." Case LP, Carey DP, Hirakawa DA. Canine and Feline Nutrition, A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals, p. 157, Mosby, St. Louis 1995.


Proven History

Summit Ridge Farms has been involved with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutritional Adequacy feeding trials for over 20 years. Having performed over 500 tests, we have the experience to offer these complicated protocols in the most timely, accurate manner possible. As a long time member of the Pet Food Institute, Summit Ridge Farms has taken a proactive approach towards the work we perform on a daily basis.


Life Stages Protocols

Gestation/Lactation, Growth, and Maintenance feeding trials involve feeding a diet to a group of animals for a specified time period. Clinical analysis of blood parameters as well as food consumption and body weights are monitored throughout the feeding trials. Reproductive performance and puppy development are closely monitored. Veterinary assessment of all animals is a critical component of each study. An "All Life Stages" claim can be made by successfully completing a Gestation/Lactation feeding trial, followed by the successful completion of a Growth test using puppies weaned from the test diet.


Data Collection, Historical Colony Data, Study Monitoring

Summit Ridge Farms works closely with our clients to provide continuous interaction from protocol development to the completion of the feeding trial. Data tables for all parameters are provided in weekly updates. Any problems and/or concerns are communicated to our clients immediately. Up-to-date historical colony averages and statistics are essential to the performance and interpretation of AAFCO feeding trials. Summit Ridge Farms continuously collects data on all of our animals in order to verify health along with providing accurate historical colony data.