About Us

In 1983, Summit Ridge Biosystems was incorporated as a Biomedical Engineering Service for the life science industry. Our efforts concentrated on data acquisition systems and software for research and medicine. Shortly thereafter, Summit Ridge Farms was created to serve the pet food industry and to provide research services for nutritional testing. Our engineering roots and experienced technical staff make Summit Ridge Farms a trusted resource for the pet food industry.


  • Protocols for dog and cat feeding trials include standard palatability and treat analysis; digestibility and stool quality measurements; and AAFCO Nutritional Adequacy trials. Customized tests include dental testing and blood level analysis. Dental testing is performed by scorers certified and trained for Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) submission. Species-specific dental areas give us the capability of performing dental studies in both dogs and cats in state-of-the-art facilities.

  • The puppy parks at Summit Ridge Farms are a great success and lots of fun! Along with providing additional enrichment and exercise, the parks also provide us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with the dogs we care for. Our Environmental Enrichment Team has developed procedures and activities specifically designed for the well-being of all our animals.



  • In mid-2007, Summit Ridge Farms opened our renovated cat care facilities. Group house test procedures have been developed for time event and consumption data collection. Open community housing areas provide each group of cats with over 200 square feet of floor space and 24 square feet of window space. The large window areas overlook an outdoor courtyard. Housing areas are designed with one thing in mind; enriching the lives of our cats.

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Summit Ridge Farms is your one source for advanced capabilities, experience and a technical staff that has set the standard for pet food testing.